One Two Hop

Hand-made hock socks keep your bunny hopping

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Who is OneTwoHop

One Two Hop is based in Alberta, Canada and came together as a need for an economical, washable and reusable product to help heal sore hocks. Inspired by three free-roaming bunnies who like to explore, the socks went through several prototypes and testing. The primary focus is to keep the hocks protected during the healing phase, while allowing your bunny to move freely and comfortably. Our goal at One Two Hop is to keep your bunny moving, healthy and happy!

The design is focused on bun-satisfaction first. The only seam line is along the ankle, away from the sore spot on the foot. Soft micro-fur or chenille liners provide a cozy cushion while hocks heal. Hook and loop-type closures on both the ankle and foot allow a good snug fit for individual bunnies, without the need to slide the socks over sore spots. These closures run opposite directions to each other, which allows you to fit the sock top and bottom quite snug to avoid the bunny from kicking it off. Available in a variety of colours and patterns on the outside for those fashionista buns!

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