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Small Rabbit Socks

Small Rabbit Socks

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Each order is a pair, 2 individual socks. The only seam line is along the ankle, away from the sore spot on the foot. Soft micro-fur chenille (Standard) or Berber chenille (Deluxe) liners provide a cozy cushion while hocks heal. Hook and loop-type closures on both the ankle and foot allow a good snug fit for individual bunnies, without the need to slide the socks over sore spots. These closures run in opposite directions to each other, which allows you to fit the sock top and bottom quite snugly to avoid the bunny from kicking it off.

Step 1 - Measure the foot and ankle - see the Sizing Guide for more details

Step 2 - Select the size that fits your bunny

Step 3 - Select Standard or Deluxe liner

Step 4 - Choose the colour that looks best for your bunny

Step 5 - Submit your order!

*All hock socks are made to order and custom sizes are available.

Standard liner

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Great for regular wear
  • Soft micro-fur chenille

Deluxe Liner

  • Thicker Berber chenille liner to help with extra sore hocks
  • Maximum cushion
  • This liner may be warm in hotter climates

Both Standard and Deluxe liners are suitable to be used with Vet recommended ointments to help speed the healing process. Regular washing is required whenever hock socks become soiled either from ointments or urine. Clean and dry socks every few days or more frequently if needed.

Don’t forget to check out our Tips and Tricks Page for more information!


For hygiene reasons, we will unfortunately not be accepting returns at this time.

If you have any concerns about sizing for your order, please contact me.


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