• So you have a fussy bunny!

    Tips on how to get your rabbit used to wearing hock socks.

    Start with small intervals (15-30 minutes) of wear and then slowly increase the amount of time. You can start with just one foot at a time.

    When your bunny gets used to them they can even wear them up to a few days at a time as long as the socks remain clean and dry. 
    Always remove hock socks that become soiled.


    Bunnies are clever and may wait to try and remove socks once you are not looking. You should expect a period of time for your individual bunny to accept the socks. Supervision during this period is needed, or you may end up with removed or destroyed socks. Patience is key during the early stages of introducing the socks.

    As soon as you place your bunny down on the floor with the socks on, start distraction for them right away with favourite treats, toys, pets or playtime. 

    They may try to nibble or chew at the velcro straps. Gently nudge them away from the straps if they do this. IQ toys are great for distracting them.

    Medical Tape
    If your bunny is constantly trying to chew at the straps, you can put a little bit of medical tape to wrap around the strap. Be careful not to get any of the tape in the fur. This is great for bunnies that are very insistent on chewing the straps or learn how to pull them off. As they get used to the socks, you should not need to continue applying medical tape.

    Kick Offs
    Your bunny might immediately be able to kick off the socks. It can take a few tries to get the hock socks straps adjusted to the perfect fit. Distraction and supervision and the correct sizing will help with those powerful kick offs.

    My bunnies wear socks for about 2-4 days depending on the soreness of the hock. However, they must be checked several times a day so they do not become soiled or wet. Wet or soiled socks must be removed, hand-washed and fully dry before wearing again. Every bunny is different. One of my bunnies wears his socks 4-5 days/week as he is prone to soreness. Another wears hers only for 1-2 days/week. It will all vary depending on breed, fur-type, flooring, and amount of time spent free-roaming.

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My bunny keeps kicking the socks off

Kick offs most frequently occur because the sock is too loose on the ankle or foot. Re-adjust the straps, being cautious not to make it too tight. Distract your bunny once the socks are on, kick-offs most commonly occur immediately after putting them on. 

My package is not here yet and the estimated time says it should be

Estimated delivery times are only estimates and may be affected by holidays, delays at customs, or individual country regulations. Applying tracking to your package in the shipping options will allow you to track where the package is. If your package is not tracked, please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for delivery. This time may be longer depending on where you are located. 

Do you accept returns or refunds

Returns are not accepted due to hygiene reasons. Refunds are not provided unless there is a defect in the product when you receive it. If there is a sizing issue, we will send you one free replacement pair, however you are responsible for the cost of shipping the replacement. 

What if I get my socks and they are the wrong size

If there is a sizing issue, we will send you one free replacement pair, however you are responsible for the cost of shipping the replacement. 

Will my bunny be able to chew the socks apart

It’s possible! Bunnies can be very destructive chewers, and if they are determined, the socks will be no challenge for them to destroy. Please see the Tips & Tricks section for advice on introducing your bunny to the socks. 

How do I put the socks on

Some bunnies will kick at you when trying to put the socks on. There are a few methods for putting the socks on comfortably for your bunny. The easiest method is to have 2 people put the socks on. Please see our video in each product listing for how to apply with 2 people. If you are alone, you can use the bunny burrito method, wrapping your bunny in a blanket to reduce them from struggling. Or, you can find the correct foot size, close this strap, slide the foot portion on, then close the ankle by pinching the straps together around the ankle. 

How do I wash the socks

Socks should be washed regularly, and whenever they become soiled. Hand-wash with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, and air dry. 

Washing the socks in high heat can cause the velcro to prematurely wear.

I do not see my bunnies measurement in the sizing chart

We can make custom sizes! If your bunny needs a custom size, please contact me. I will need the measurements of the foot and ankle. If you would like a specific foot length, measure from heel to desired length on the foot. 

How long will it take for my socks to be made

Socks are made to order, and usually ready to ship within 2-4 days of placing your order.