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Size: Large Rabbit Hock Socks(2-Way Straps)

Size: Large Rabbit Hock Socks(2-Way Straps)

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Hock socks are hand-made for the relief of sore hocks, pressure sores, and pododermatitis for your pet bunny. Each order is sold as a pair (2 individual socks).
The 2-Way strap design has the foot and ankle straps crossing different directions. These are universal socks and do not have a specific left or right position.
A variety of outer liners range from water-resistant, solid colours and fun cotton prints.
Choose your preferred inner liner of Sherpa Fleece or Micro Faux Fur.
Micro Faux Fur| Inner liner with its tighter knit backing, is more durable and thinner compared to the Sherpa Fleece liner. This is a great liner if you are just starting out with a fussy bunny who likes to chew everything, Protect the feet from rug burn on carpets or if the hocks only need light maintenance to keep them protected.
Sherpa Fleece| Is a soft cushy liner. It is thicker than the Micro liner and has a looser knit on the back of the fabric. This improves breathability but does make them thicker. This is a great liner for extra sore hocks, Buns on hard floors or the buns with all the attitude thumping around!

Hand-wash with a mild detergent. Air dry fully before use. Avoid using high heat to preserve the Velcro for longer life.

See for Tips and Tricks to help your bunny adjust to wearing hock socks.

For hygiene reasons, I do not accept returns. Please contact me if you have sizing or other concerns.

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